The holidays are a happy and special time. It's a time that I love and treasure the most, but the holidays also bring up a lot of different emotions for me. Good and bad. I also have a heavy heart for those hurting. For those who feel alone, who don't have enough food on the table, or for those with no shelter. For those who are dealing with pain or loss. I have a heavy heart for those who are missing someone during the holidays (and every day). My friends, who lost their little boy Greyson two years ago. For them the holidays are very different now, they celebrate the holidays and life, with a whole new meaning. They taught me that strength and survival comes in many different forms. This also gives me an ongoing appreciation for everything I hold dear in my own life and is a good reminder that life itself, at any age, is precious. We must not take it for granted.

I'm thankful for everyone and everything in my life. It's an easy statement to say or write but it's one I take seriously. I'm grateful for our little family and all the small special moments that make up for all the hard ones. I'm thankful for our families and friends, because it truly does take a village to raise a child.

I look forward to many things in 2018. Our annual family vacation to Arizona, a trip to Montreal to visit my sister, many girls nights, date nights, family time, less procrastination, living with less, and more blogging! I think it's also time I save up for another Euro-trip. Limit the junk food but not the wine. More patience, meditation and self love.

What I wish for everyone in this new year is to feel, above everything else, happy. Not every day happy. Just happy and thankful for life in general. Also to hug more.

Happy 2018 from our little family to yours.

Dave, Alyssa & Chloe


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