Chloé deux ans

It's so incredible to think that only one year ago she was taking a bottle, she was only taking a few steps and basically saying a mixture of made up words to now; walking, running, jumping, dancing putting on her own boots, taking off her diaper and wearing "big girl underwear". She's now speaking both French and English, making friends at day care and actually expressing her needs and how she's feeling. She's also eating everything in sight (current favourite are mushrooms). Watching her become her own little person has been pretty special. I so wish I could stay in this moment for ever.

Last month we celebrated our baby little girl's second birthday with family, chocolate cake and lots of hugs. We couldn't really think of a specific theme but since we were taking the trip back to Arizona we decided cacti would be appropriate and easy (since we have a few around the house).

We can't express how much joy this little one brings us. She's the best.

Bonne Fête Chloé xx

One day old - One year old - Two years old 

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