Scottsdale, AZ

Last month we returned to Arizona (see our first trip here), but this time with a one year old. Travelling with a child is much different but I have to say that Chloé (even though she was under the weather) was such an amazing little traveller. On the way there she watched cartoons (I will never again judge parents who allow their toddlers to use the iPad), ate snacks and had two naps and on the way back she slept the entire way (we ended up on the red eye so needless to say mama didn't sleep at all). 

We fell in love with Arizona all over again and hope to be back again next winter. It was such a nice break,  spending time with family, relaxing and soaking up the sun by the pool and bringing Chloé to different activities, like the zoo (although she mostly just sucked her thumb and said "hi" to a couple of animals) and on a mini train ride (again mostly just sucked her thumb). All in all we had a great time and wonderful memories were created. To be honest I would of been quite happy staying another week and soaking in more sunshine. 

A few new things that Chloé discovered on this trip. How to wave and say "hi" to EVERYONE, taking more steps (happy to report she is now fully walking), pointing to things she likes and loves to wear her sunglasses. 

Here's a few snapshot from our first family vacation. 

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