Chloé un an

Before we had Chloé, we would constantly hear parents say "I can't believe my baby is a year old already". Although we never thought much of it, this statement now rings so true for us and I hear us repeating the same line to other parents. It's funny how quickly we can relate to other parents on such little things.

A year has passed and so much has happened. We went from holding this tiny little human being, meeting her for the first time, to not knowing how we could live without her. We witnessed so much in 12 months; her first smiles, laughs, cries, screams, teeth, colds, words (she is now saying "dada", "t" for our dog tex, "mama", "k", "uh-oh", "bébé", "dou-dou" and "WOW") to the first time she rolled over, sat up, crawled and just the other night, her first steps.

As little Chloé grows and evolves, so do we as parents. Now we have to watch what we say, our manners, what we eat (as she wants to eat it too!). Everything we do is teaching her something; she watches our every move and hears everything we say. This is the time when she will soak in everything like a sponge. It's truly incredible how quickly babies can learn something. Just the other day she was in the bath and attempted to wash her own hair or sometimes she will blow on her food thinking it's too hot; these are all things she sees us do. Her personality is really coming through lately and it's so funny to see how she takes after each of us.

As we celebrated little Coco's 1st birthday we are reminded that we are so blessed to have this little human in our lives, to enjoy all the little moments, to also live in the moment because they go by so quickly and that we are truly so lucky to be her parents.

Bonne fête Chloé. xx

ps Chloé loved her first taste of chocolate cake.

Photos by my amazing friend and photographer Justina Phippen.

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