Monthly beauty | October

This month I've been focusing more on my skin care, rather than adding more makeup to my routine. I decided that with a few exceptions like; a new lipstick for fall and mascara that I purchase every month, that I would attempt to use up what I already own instead of purchasing more products. All in hopes to avoid makeup clutter/hoarding. (My attempt to a simpler and clutter free life continues!)

Here's what I've used and loved last month.

So this is more of a tool rather than a beauty product but it's important to oral health! I found this toothbrush online at Urban Outfitters, and have to admit the sleek modern design is what got me all excited. I prefer harder bristles and love that the head of it is smaller so it's easier to get into tighter corners (like teeth in the back). I also noticed that it stays really clean. I hate when toothbrushes get all gunky with toothpaste. All in all this toothbrush works great and looks great too! Win win. (You can also purchase it in white, red, yellow or blue)

I received this as a sample from and absolutely love it. I really like the smell of lotus and it gives my skin that extra moisture it needs, especially during these dryer months. I especially enjoy this before bed and also have been using a drop or two mixed in with my foundation to give my skin a more natural finish. I'll definitely be ordering it in the full size. 

My friend gave me this in September and I'm literally squeezing the last drop out of this bottle. The smell is unreal and stays on my skin all day. The product leaves my skin super soft and love that it has a little bit of shimmer in it. This stuff puts me in a good mood every morning. 

If I could, I would order this in bulk to ensure I never run out. 

I've used the same eye makeup remover for a while now but just recently ran out, therefore decided to give this sample a try. I currently use this to remove all my eye make up before I wash my face. The solution removes every trace of mascara, waterproof eyeliner and concealer and leaves my eyes moisturized with a bit of light oil. I especially like it because you don't need a lot of product to remove everything and it doesn't irritate the eyes. 

Along with this amazing blush that my friends gave me, they also included this nail polish. I'm obsessed with this colour for fall and winter. I typically wear light greys, dark reds or black on my nails this time of year so this is that perfect shade of red wine colour. It stays shinny and dries really quickly. In this picture I only have one coat on so you can see how great the formula is. To make it last longer I also use a top coat. 

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