Chloé's space

Photography by Justina Phippen 

Now that bébé Chloé is finally here, our top priority is creating a special space for her, which is exciting but stressful. Before the big day, I was rather anxious at the thought of not having her room set up in time; the idea of having to put together a crib while caring for a newborn was not my idea of fun. 
However, as my husband promised, everything was done in time for her big arrival. I know she won't remember, but it was important for us to bring her home from the hospital in a little space that was her own. 
Deciding on a colour scheme and decor was the first obstacle, partly because we had never decorated a nursery before, but also since we had not even met our baby yet! We wanted a space with a clean aesthetic and for it to be extremely comfortable. I believed we achieved this with keeping a neutral palette with small feminine accents, while adding childlike elements like the small woodland animals. Not one for "matchy" decor, keeping the overall colour scheme in shades of white was important. The big punch of colour came through with an art piece by my godfather, who had given it to us as gift. It adds a personal touch to the room as well as fantasy; Chloé looks up at it when I change her and it makes me smile. 
A few tiny details that are not complete yet are shelving (for book storage), as well as more prints for her walls. Overall we are so happy with the way it turned out, and although it's simple, it's hers and we know she loves it. 
A HUGE thank you to my father and everyone else who helped to completely renovate this space. Also all the items from family and friends that add personal touches to this room make it that much more special. 
Here's our first photo shoot with Miss Chloé

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