around here

| The newest face on our fridge. |

It's already been (almost) five weeks now since Chloé being born and oh my have things changed in our world. All good of course. I have to say that for me the first week was the most difficult, as after getting over the shock of getting little to no sleep (hence the zero blog posts in the last month) and adjusting to taking care of a new little human I am finally feeling like myself again. We have settled into some sort of a routine with bébé and happy to report that I am now getting some sleep during the night.

Now that the sun is out and it's warming up I am getting exciting to get out and about with Chloé and enjoy the outdoors. Life thus far has been pretty sweet with her and here's a little glimpse of how things have changed around here.

| The tiniest socks in our laundry. |

| We already have quite the accumulation of dolls and teddy bears. |

| On the coffee table currently: Soother. |

| Wild animals bring colour to our living room. |

| Chloé's bath time essentials. |

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