hello baby girl...

| Photography by my amazing friend/photographer, Justina Phippen - Thank you for capturing this special moment for us! |

After 41 weeks of pregnancy and growing this tiny human inside my belly, many contractions and hours of labour later bébé Chloé Bree Wilson has entered the world on January 28th at 12:17am. Weighing in at 6.13lbs, 22 inches long and with her father's eyes she is absolute perfection.

I won't go into details about my labour but I will say it did not end up as planned (In the end I needed  a c-section), not that I really had much of plan anyway but did not for one second think I would end up in surgery. I will however, share that during labour there was an overwhelming feeling of joy, excitement and pain but most of all it was empowering. After the pain was gone and it was all over I have to say that it's amazing what we women can go through (emotionally and physically) to bring another human into this world. It's a true accomplishment knowing I was strong enough to carry, care and bring to life a baby that my husband and I created.

Prior to this, parents always told me that I could never understand the feeling (on having a baby) until I experienced it for myself, and oh how true this is. I always heard of other parents describing their love at first sight for their newborn and how much joy it immediately brought them but I could never really comprehend this, until now. It rings true in so many ways.

Now safe and sound at home we're adjusting to our new life as a family of three. I'm excited for this new adventure and all the things we get to teach her, and in return what she will teach us.

We would like to send out a big MERCI to all our friends and family for all the support, well wishes, gifts and visits. We truly appreciate it. Also to our team of doctors and nurses (to which I now call The Dream team!) who made it possible for our little girl to enter this world, we THANK YOU! And above all to my lovely husband who kept me calm and even made me chuckle a few times throughout the process.

I decided to keep most of the shots from my labour private but here a few that I will share and that show a little glimpse into that night.

And just like that…we are parents. Wow.

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