The waiting game (38 weeks and counting)

When we found out I was pregnant it seemed like January was so far away (especially since we found out very early on). I now look back and I am not even sure where the time went. As I sit here, 38 and half weeks pregnant I can't even believe that this baby could show up at any moment. Since being off work now and with the holidays being over I find myself thinking about labour every day. When I lay in bed each night I can't help but think to myself, "could tonight be the night?" (assuming that for some reason it will happen during the middle of night) It's an overwhelming feeling of different emotions as we get closer to becoming parents. For almost nine years Dave and I we're just, well, Dave and I, and here we are about to add another little human to the mix. 

Every day I go into the nursery and I look into the empty crib and knowing that one day I will walk in and there will be a baby looking back at me makes me smile. With the hospital bag packed (will share on the blog after baby) and everything in place we are now just playing the waiting game. I've also been taking advantage of being at home alone and enjoying these last few moments as a non parent and doing things for myself (mostly relaxing and taking extra long baths). 

We are so curious and anxious to meet this little baby girl and want to thank everyone for the emails, phone calls and text messages on wishing us "Good luck" and positive thoughts. Truly appreciated. Can't wait to share this new chapter with all of you. xx

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