moments from 2014

At the end of each year I always think the same thought and that's how quickly a year goes by. I guess the saying stays true… "Time flies when your having fun". 2014 was a year filled with adventure. From our ski trip with friends (despite the fact that I barely made it down the hill), our trip to Paris and Germany, announcing I was pregnant (and finding out it's a girl!), celebrating our two year wedding anniversary, my mother retiring, collaborating with amazing people on the blog and having the first Fave magazine published. 

With entering 2015 I can't help but think of how exciting this year will be as we become first time parents. It's an overwhelming feeling of emotions and we are truly ready to see what this new chapter will bring us. 

Cheers to 2014 and to what awaits us this year…I have a good feeling about it. xx

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