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I was going to wait until after deliver to post about what we packed in our hospital bag but thought I would most likely be a zombie for the next couple of weeks and decided to share this now. Plus, would love to hear what all you mommas thought was helpful to have during labour and postpartum, or wish you had with you.

Although it may seem like a lot of items I like to be prepared and organized. I looked up many different "hospital bag checklists" and this is what I've come up with. I've also had this packed since before Christmas (just in case) and re-packed it about three times over.

For baby (packed in this diaper bag)

Newborn sized cotton sleepers (we can also use the ones provided at the hospital).
Newborn sized fleece sleeper to bring home in since it's so cold out.
Hats, socks and long sleeve onesies (to wear under sleepers). We are also bringing a pair of newborn mittens (although they are not aloud in our hospital) we may use to bring her home in.
Receiving blankets, burp cloths and two wool blankets to keep her warm (again it's so cold here!).
Soother, nail clipper, diaper cream, healing balm and wipes.
One pack of diapers (our hospital no longer provides diapers).
Car seat cover.
Car seat already installed in vehicle.

For mama (packed in separate bag)

Lightweight robe, button down night shirts (easy access for nursing), outfit to go to hospital (black sweatpants, tank and long sleeve top) which I will also use to return home in.
Leggings and over sized tee as an extra outfit.
Nursing bra, socks, underwear, slippers and flip flops (for shower).
*The hospital provides famous mesh underwear and pads.
Over sized scarf to use as a nursing cover up while we have visitors.


Shampoo & conditioner (travel size).
Perfume (travel size).
Hair brush & dryer.
Body oil & wash.
Face lotion, oil & wash.
Dry shampoo.
Toothbrush & paste.
Face spray.
Make up (I want to feel good, especially while we have visitors and a little mascara and lip gloss go a long way!).
Make up remover & facial cotton pads.
Lip gloss and balm.
Nipple cream & nipple covers.
Belly balm (I'm going to continue to use this so my stomach does not get dry).
Hair ties & pins.


Sparkling water, sour candy, gum and mints. Since we will be so close to town Dave will be able to pick up meals if needed as I am not sure how tasty the food is at the hospital.
Prenatal vitamins.


Note pad to jot down information on baby.
To do list pad.
iphone & charger (play list).
ipad & charger (netflix!).
Magazine or book.
Paper work for hospital already filed in.
Nursing app to keep track of feeding, etc (this is the one I plan on using).
Nursing pillow.
Blank thank you notes for nurses/staff.
Black pen (this always comes in handy).
This camera.
Reading glasses.
Cash (for parking).

* I also made a batch of cookie dough and will bake them tonight to bring to the nurses/staff tomorrow morning. I thought it would be a nice gesture as they are helping to bring our daughter into this world. Plus when Dave and I visited the hospital we were pretty impressed with them so the cookies are the least I can do for all their hard work.

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