pregnancy update | 8 months

What's new?
I am quickly realizing how much more difficult little tasks and chores have become as of late. Having a big round belly in front of me is not he most convenient, especially when putting on socks or putting on my boots in the morning. I catch myself grunting a little bit.
Heart burn has been at an all time high too. I am also having very vivid dreams, sometimes about baby and other times completely random.

I'm feeling…
Tired. This month especially. I returned to having afternoon naps and then sleeping 10-12 hours again at night. It's impressive how much sleep is needed during pregnancy.  I am also feeling anxious and curious. Anxious to get the nursery done, organize all her things and curious to meet her. I constantly think about what she will be like, from her personality to her looks. Only 8 weeks to go!

Lot's of fruit, mostly apple, pineapple and pomegranate. I am also making a lot of smoothies with mixed berries. I am  drinking tons of water but it has to be ice cold and I like eating the ice cubes as well.
Chocolate milk, grape juice and ice tea seem to be my other drinks of choice.

Can't eat…
I feel that I am actually eating more "normally" again and as I would have prior to pregnancy. There's not too much that is really bothering me at this point.

Pre-natal body massages (I recommend this to any expecting mothers, feels unreal!)

No cocktails during the holidays
Waking up often during the night
Painting my toe nails can be slightly challenging

Currently living in…
Tights and dresses at work
Leggings and knit tops at home
Robes are easy to throw on
Yoga pants

Prenatal Pilates
Reformer Pilates
Lots of stretches on the exercise ball at home
Lots of squats and lunges at home
Walks outside with my dog
I have the urge to go swimming. I'm thinking a trip to the pool will have to happen soon.

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