maternity style | 28 weeks

Black panama hat, U/O / Grey dress from here / Grey C'est moi tights from here / Maison Scotch wool jacket from here / MK tote from here / Zara black booties / Maison Scotch over sized plaid scarf from here /

I thought that being this far into my pregnancy I would have a more difficult time getting dressed, but it's actually been quite the opposite. I found it more of challenge back when I was only 4 months as you could not really tell I was pregnant or had a big lunch. Now that I actually have an obvious baby bump it's been actually fun to dress. I also discovered that the more fitted the outfit is the more flattering it is. When something is more flowy it actually makes me look larger. I particularly love that fall is here as thick tights have been my saviour! Since I have so many dresses in my wardrobe it's been easy to pair with different tights, be plain black or with a pattern. It's just an overall comfortable outfit that I can easily move around in. I also have not felt the need to switch to flats just yet… so high heels until the snow falls.

This grey dress has been one of my go to dresses, it's not maternity but has a super stretch material and an extra layer of fabric right where my belly hits. The jacket I purchased during the summer sale and so happy I did scoop it up as it's been my transition fall jacket, even though I can longer button it up. I am also obsessed with this over sized red plaid scarf. I love how big it is which I end up using as a blanket whenever I travel. I plan on using it as a breastfeed cover up with the baby.

I also decided that hats are must have, in a variety of shapes, styles and colours. The easiest fix to bad hair days!

Photography by this lovely lady.

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