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I remember the days of wallpapering, watching my mother stick each sheet to her kitchen walls with a big wet sponge. Fast forward a few years later when I watched her remove it all piece by piece. I also remember walking into homes and dreading at the sigh of a wall or entire room covered in wallpaper. It's funny how styles come full circle, and when they do come back it's better than ever.

As I love looking at home (as well as nursery) ideas the sight of a wallpapered wall seems to come up again and again. I'm beginning to really love the idea of a wall with some sort of pattern or texture on it. I especially love this idea on an accent wall or in a guest bathroom. It gives a room such character and unique look to it. It can also give a room a lot of drama, depending on the print you choose. I've even seen the bright idea (especially in nurseries) to put the wall paper on the ceiling instead…génial!

Check out some of these pretty inspirations and shop some below. Dare I attempt this in my guest bathroom? 

Rose cottage / Gold chevron / Shimmered archive / Cities

C'est magnifique / Removable wallpaper / Party animals  / Polka dots

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