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Being the product junkie that I am I thought it would make sense to share a monthly beauty review, whether that be new makeup, perfume or skin care products. I always love reading up on beauty reviews from others and what they use on a regular basis so this is my attempt to do the same.

Neostrata smoothing cream level 1 is a new product to me. The brand is not but this specific face cream was on sale so I thought I would pick it up to give it a try. I've been using it for some time now and really enjoy the lightweight formula and how my skin just soaks it in. This line is packed with glycolic acid therefore acts as a daily exfoliate, which in result resurfaces the skin and gets rid of dead skin cells. Unfortunately this actual product is no longer available but they do make it in higher levels of glycolic acid, level 2 and I beleive level 3. The higher the level the more intense the formula and to be honest I would prefer a a higher lever as I can barely feel this product working. I like to feel the tingle on my skin. I don't have sensitive skin so a more concentrated version would definitely be best for me. 

Tarte amazonian clay waterproof brow mousse in medium brown. I just recently switched up my brow product to this one and I'm happy I did. I fill in my brows every day so this is a must have product for me on my vanity. I used to always use a powder and brush as I feel it provides a more natural look than a pencil alone. This mousse provides that exact natural look I want and goes on super smooth. I really enjoy the lightweight feel of this formula and how little of the product is needed. This jar will definitely last me a while. I was also happy that it came with a  full size double ended brush. Always a bonus. 

MAKE UP FOR EVER artist liner in Green Tree. I typically use black line only, on some days dark brown for a less intense look. This newartist collection from MAKE UP FOR EVER had some great colours so I thought I would go outside my comfort zone a little and try an "actual" colour. I decided on a deep green colour since it would just enhance the bit of green that is already in my eye. I was actually surprise with how much I like this colour on my eye. It's a nice twist from the every day black liner. The product itself is an easy application and last all day and night until it's removed. It glides on smoothly as a liner but can also be blended. I'm always impressed with this brand's quality in all their products.

Chloé les parfumes rollar bar set. I have only a couple of full size perfume bottles that are classic scents and they are my go-to's. Besides that I rely on samples. Scents are personal and it can take a while for me to absolutely commit to it enough to purchase a bigger bottle. I have accumulate approximately over 50 tiny bottles of perfume samples, which is way to many for one person but also gives me the opportunity to test different ones. The one sample that I kept coming back to was one by Chloé. I brought it with me everywhere (all the way to Paris & Germany) so naturally was disappointed when the little sample ran out. I didn't particularly want to purchase a full size bottle as I wanted something that could travel with me, so was happy when I found this set at Sephora. These are the perfect size, easily fits in an every day clutch or purse and since it's a roller ball I have no fear of the bottle leaking. The roller ball also makes it extremely easy to apply on the go. The set includes three perfumes by Chloé; Chloé, Eau de toilette & Love. All three scents are lovely and feminine with hints of different notes. It's nice to have all three to switch up once in a while and for different occasions.  Love this set and at just under $40 it was something I couldn't pass up.

Dior Forever flawless perfection fusion wear makeup with SPF 25 in Sand. I've tried a few of Dior's foundations and so decided recently to return to it as I was looking for a lighter and more natural look. I had never tried this particular one but just as I predicted it's amazing just like all the others. The product is lightweight but gives great coverage. The colour is right on but I will soon need to mix in something lighter or go for the lighter shade as the winter months approach and my skin won't be as dark. What I love most about this foundation is the product is so easy to blend and apply I do so with my fingers. I completely skip the sponge and brush on this one and warm up my fingers and apply it directly to my face. It has build-able coverage so it can easily take me from a day to night look.

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