bits and pieces of halloween

{ A gold spray painted pumpkin with a touch of shimmer and two crows happily live in our sun room }

I always enjoy Halloween, with all the decorations, costumes and treats it always puts me in a good mood. It's also when all the old "horror" movie play on t.v and reminds me of my childhood like, Beetlejuice and Edward Scissor hands. One of my girlfriends does "31 nights of horror" which consist of watching a horror movie every night counting down the days to Halloween. I love seeing what she is going to watch but also just makes me miss her even more. Traditions like these are always the best.
This year I decided not to go out and dress up as this baby bump needs rest but love seeing pictures of what every one else is disguising themselves as, especially all the kiddos. There are some pretty funny baby costumes out there, this lobster one is pretty cute and this family Breaking bad one is hilarious. This just makes me even more excited for next Halloween when I get to come up with something for our little trick or treater. 

Here's a few things that have been putting us in the spooky spirit.

{ A giant black spider crawling on the bar cart }

 {Mr. Skeleton brushing up on his manners. Currently reading "how to live like a gentleman" }

{ Three pumpkins that I spray painted make a nice center piece on our dinning room table }

 { a patterned pumpkin and skull matches add to the display on our coffee table }

{ A skull head full of treats with a matching bowl that holds everyday items }

{ Another giant spider crawling on our living room lamp }

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