maternity style | maxi dresses & crop tops

/ Above at 19.5 weeks. Currently 22 weeks /
Photography by my lovely friend Justina Phippen /

At the beginning of my pregnancy I became a little frustrated with dressing myself in the morning. I had to come to terms that not being able to button up my trousers was "normal" and part of the process. I also wanted to be creative and attempt to wear items I already had, rather than spending a lot of money on maternity wear. While in the process I soon realized that maxi dresses and crop tops where my best friends. I knew maxi dresses would be an easy wear but I had to find something on top to keep things interesting and from always looking like the same "black maxi". I purchased this black and white striped long sleeve top from Zara prior to my pregnancy but it soon became a staple for dressing the "bump". As well as every other crop top in my closet. The reason why they are so easy to wear with long dresses is that they sit just above the belly which is flattering, similar if you were to wear a belt at the same area. 

Maxi dresses are also extremely comfortable and can easily be transitioned from summer to fall. Just add a crop sweatshirt or jacket (slip on some tights underneath for extra warmth). Don't have any crop tops in your wardrobe? Just tie a knot in your regular T-shirts and long sleeve tops. Check out some great options below, and see more maternity style inspirations here


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