It's no secret that I rarely experiment with bold colours. A couple of years ago I decided to spice up my neutral wardrobe with a few bold pieces, including a neon pink top. I wore it once and then it was given away. I just don't feel like myself when in bright hues. I do however like sporting these types of colours through accessories, on my lips and nails. After attempting the brighter colour scheme I decided I wasn't making excuses anymore as to why I love wearing black and neutrals. I just do. It works every time and they will forever remain classics.

Nudes, to some, may seem boring but it really has a romantic and soft impact. I would not suggest to wear it head to toe, otherwise you probably would just look naked. Also avoid them for leggings or any other form of pants as again you will simply look like you left the house forgetting your bottoms. Never a good look. Pairing nudes with black, white, grey or bolder colours works year round. Just ensure to try a selection of different shades as some wash out different skin tones.

Nudes are definitely a must in my closet and a must try if you haven't already. Extra tips: nude fingernails make fingers appear slimmer and longer and nude sunnies flatter just about every face shape.

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