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Over the last year I've had great opportunities to work with different companies. Sometimes I receive contact from ones I love and other times I have to decline because their brand does not perfectly fit my style. Recently, I teamed up with Alessandra Salituri, a longtime art dealer and Public Relations consultant who recently launched an online art gallery called Citizen Atelier. I was immediately attracted to all the creative work Alessandra does and I knew that Citizen Atelier and le Closet were going to be a match made in heaven; not only because I have a deep appreciation for art but especially since I am slowly expanding my posts beyond simply beauty and style features and transitioning le Closet into more of a lifestyle blog.

Citizen Atelier began it's story with a girl from the East Coast with a creative vision. Over time, this vision became a reality when Alessandra began her very own online Atelier which showcases some of the finest art pieces and photography, all handpicked and chosen by her and based out of one of my favourite cities…Montréal. The Atelier came to life with the help of her cousin, Gabriel McCay, the owner and creative director of a digital agency in Vancouver (I have to say, we have some pretty amazing talent here in Canada). 

Citizen Atelier showcases pieces from artist like: Amanda Talley, Eduardo Mata Icaza, Ashley Woodson Bailey, Sean Gallegher, and that's just to name a few. Alessandra has an eye for one of kind stunning pieces and might I add some serious personal style as well. 

To celebrate this post we thought it would be the perfect time to host an exciting giveaway. One lovely reader will be taking away an Ashley Woodson Bailey print titled "Much Regard"! Now this artist is pretty amazing (aside from her killer light pink pixie hair do), she's also a self-taught photographer that has been capturing flower arrangements  through the lens of a camera since a life changing accident in 2012, that left her physically unable to create large-scale events. All these beautiful photos are all captured and edited with her iPhone. How cool is that? Read more about this beautiful lady here.

I spent a few hours on Citizen Atelier trying to decided which pieces I love most and I honestly am having such a difficult time, but something is going to be making it's way into our home shortly, that's for certain. 

I love that I have another excuse to visit Montreal and on the to-do list: Coffee date with Alessandra while admiring beautiful pieces of art. 

See below on how to enter this amazing giveaway to win the print below. Good luck! 

Here's how to enter to win Ashley Woodson Bailey's print, titled "Much Regard". 

Leave a comment below this post with the name of your favourite Ashley Woodson Bailey photograph, and be sure to include your name and email address. You can see her collection on Citizen Atelier here. That's it! 

For ADDITIONAL entries you can also do the following: 

Visit le Closet on instagram and re-post the Ashely Woodson print "Much Regard" with the #leclosetartgiveaway. Also make sure to tag, le Closet, Citizen Atelier & Ashley Woodson Bailey. 

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You have until August 22nd to enter the giveaway. The winner will be chosen at random so be sure to leave a separate comment for each additional entry you do. Bonne chance! 


  1. "Storm" is my favorite of Ashley's works, but I truly love them all! Susanne Muckerman,

  2. What a coincidence! I've been watching Ashley Woodsen Bailey for a while now and all of a sudden she pops up on your blog! So great! I first saw her on Bijou and Boheme- Christine Dovey is such an inspiration to me and I love how she has used Ashley's work recently. Then I spied that beautiful print used in Jessica Alba's bedroom makeover on Domaine Home. I think my favourite is Dutch Lover, but I also love Rest and of course Much Regard!!

  3. I love Ashley Baileys flower prints - it's really hard to choose just one! Much Regard would actually have to be in my top three though. Lydia Reusser //

  4. Ashley Woodson Bailey has incredible talent. Her photos are as captivating as they are beautiful. It's hard to choose only one piece so I'll go with Dutch Love and Osaba. || Christal Alert /

  5. Much Regard by far the most appealing photograph. It reminds me of the best smelling flowers ever: Polianthes Tuberosa. Just the sight of this picture reminds me of the delightful fragrance my house bathes in when I arrive home..... LOVE!!!
    Danielle van Halen (The Netherlands)