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Since finding out about the pregnancy I have been on baby websites non stop. It's overwhelming at times to see all the gadgets and clothing. I definitely can understand how it's easy to go overboard. The cuteness is just too much too handle at times. With all the great shopping sites now available I, naturally, decided to begin a "bébé" wish list. How could I not?! Since we don't know at this point if its a girl or boy I've been sticking to neutral items that could suit either gender. I also have to say I'm pretty impressed with all that's available on etsy, there's quite the selection and I'm eager to begin a little collection of unique toys and other items for our little one. Here's what's on my first bébé wish list.

un | Rise and Shine Sippy cup, Indigo (looks like a baby Starbucks cup!)
deux | Organic bibs, Down home Amy, Etsy (shop currently on vacation)
trois | Baby change pad cover in solid grey, Indigo
quatre | Organic baby blanket in black and white, Lola & Stella, Etsy (love this for the crib.)
cinq | Mini maracas, Acorn
six | Baby cotton mittens in grey stripe, J.Crew
sept | Bear sweater hat, Baby Gap
huit | Baby Minnetonka fringue booties, J.Crew (I ordered these already - I just couldn't resist.)
neuf | Pia Wallen cross throw blanket in black and white, Urban Outfitters (Love, Love the look of this blanket. Perfect for keeping baby warm.)
dix | Cable knit one piece, Baby Gap

See more of my wish list here and maternity style inspiration here.

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