you can do birks

OK I am fully on the Birk's band wagon. I just recently purchased another pair while visiting in Germany, and bonus they are way less expensive than here in Canada (naturally). Now I am looking to get another pair for in the house. I'm thinking white this time. I love seeing them everywhere and how everyone has been styling them. I just saw my friend yesterday with hers and a simple summer dress and it just works. They don't have to look so "hippie" anymore, as they can easily be worn with a dress, denim or leather skirt. They are not just extremely comfortable and high quality they fit in with your most stylish outfit. My friend also told me they would become my best friend while I am at the end of my pregnancy as they are so supportive on the feet.

Now I'm not quite ready to pair them with whool socks. Reminds me too much of my childhood and the priest that used to come to our school and do confession... that's all I could stare at while telling him my so called "sins". Maybe around the house when my feet are cold...buuuut I think that's where I will draw the line. The Olsen twins wore them with socks at the airport (they make anything look good) but would you dare?

See my first post about them here.

See below for inspiration. All pictures from here.


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