spilling the beans

Photos by this lovely gal. (13 weeks)

If you haven't already heard or guessed it... we’re expecting a little one in January! It’s been very difficult to keep it hush for three months but it was also nice to have our own little secret. We are over the moon excited for this new adventure and although I’ve been pretty sick (hence the lack of blogging lately) I still feel terrible complaining as I know it will all be worth it in the end, and I'm sure it could be worse. Our first ultra sound was pretty amazing as the baby did a full on somersault and kicked it’s leg up, so there is lots of movement going on in there but I obviously can’t feel anything yet. We also decided to find out the gender, we are just too curious so stay tuned as we reveal that surprise. The baby bump is small but it's there and growing. I also just had a Mexican lunch before this picture so I'm sure that helped. Sometimes I wake up and it's completely gone and other days I look like I am five months. It's a funny thing. I still feel like I am in that awkward stage, especially for clothes. Dresses seem to be the answer at the moment and the most comfortable.

Since finding out about my pregnancy all I can think about is what it will look like. Will it get Dave’s freckles, my skin tone or his eyes? What about the personality?  I’m just so excited to meet this little one that we both created.
I’m also officially full on in baby mode. Every time I see a tiny sleeper or itty bitty socks I melt. It’s overwhelming really, all the baby stuff out there so I am trying to keep my cool and be smart about my purchases, but that does not mean my baby won’t need these moccasins right?! How could I resist?
It’s nice that it’s finally out in the open and we can share our excitement with everyone. I’m also beginning to feel like myself again so back to blogging and catching up on work that has piled up. I’ll also be adding a new category to the blog, "bébé" seems appropriate, and try my hardest to document my own advice, maternity style and products I’ll be using for myself during this pregnancy and later with the baby. I also welcome any advice you have for first time pregnancy and first time parents.

Happy Thursday xx

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  1. Ahhh ya congrats Alyssa...Enjoy this really sick-yet-magical time...so exciting...And you look beautiful...