paris / partie un

I finally took the time to go through my very many pictures from our trip to Paris and Germany. It's such a great feeling to see everything we visited and reminded of the beauty of these places. Paris is such an incredible city. There are so many different "nooks" of the city too which makes it extra interesting and with all les arrondissements, you definitely can find something that pleases you.

Part one of Paris includes our walk to Notre Dame, the outside of Notre Dame Cathedral (my pictures from the inside didn't turn out so great), the Love lock bridge on Pont des Arts (yes part of it did collapse five days after we we're there, see the news here), the Louvre museum (I wish we could get closer to the Mona Lisa to take a picture beside her but no chance, the guards were watching!) and Les Catacombes (so creepy but so very interesting, we loved it!).

Enjoy xx

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