Today marks my 15th week. Time is really flying by and the further along I get in my pregnancy the more excited I am about having this bébé. I'm really becoming anxious about finding out the gender. I always hear of women having a "feeling" of what they will have but I have absolutely no idea at this point. We've been throwing around baby names which is fun, some I cringe at and some Dave laughs at. We do a agree on a couple which is good but I seem to be having a more difficult time coming up with a girl's name I absolutely love. I guess there is no sense of making decisions about any at this point until we know for sure the gender. 

A part from the pregnancy this week has been and will be a busy one. Dave's siblings are home with more on the way and I love when everyone can get together, especially now with all the kiddos around (6 in total now!). So this week is spent with family and making memories. 

By the way I just attended my first pregnancy Pilate's class last night and it was great! I love it! Can't wait to share more about this in the future.

One | Some of my current favourite accessories
Two | My new coffee table book that makes the perfect pair with my "Living in style" book. 
Three | Some friends I see every morning on my way to work. This time I actually took a few minutes to get out of my car and say hi. 
Four | My first shipment of "The Honest co." baby and mama products and i'm hooked. I'll review soon. 
Five | A little birds nest I spotted while picking raspberries in our backyard (taken with iPhone)
Six | One of my best friends (who just happens to be an incredible artist) sent me an update on one of her pieces. 
Seven | So happy my red denim pants still fit but it's definitely time to do some "maternity" shopping. (taken with iPhone) 

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