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Surely you have heard about the french pharmacy or at least the must have beauty products they carry. Perhaps you've been recently and stocked up on all those brands and if that's the case you should comment below with a specific list of what you did purchase (merci).
In less than two weeks we are flying to Paris and with the very long list of places I want to see and things I want to do, hitting up the Pharmacie is one of them.

One of the most popular things the french are known for is their beauty regimes and products they use. From home made facials to top of the line crèmes, the Parisians know beauty and know what works best.

While putting together a little shopping list for Paris I thought it would make sense to research other bloggers who have done the same (which gave me more than enough results). While researching this specific topic I noticed that it always seemed to be the same 10 products, which proves how great they really are.

Luckily over the years we have been able to access quite a few french brands, either in local shops or on line (which makes my life so much easier) but there are still a few that remain unreachable (or just marked up in price) so I've complied a little shopping list of my own. Most of them from all the amazing reviews I've read as well as a couple of my own favourites that I will be stocking up on while being in complete "awe" in a store full of lotions and potions with pretty labels. I may need a few hours.

The Beauty Editor puts together the 15 cult french beauty products to purchase while in Paris (now all available in the US and few in Canada or online) as well as descriptions on why they are so incroyable! 

(I've talked about this a few times and how it's a must in the beauty bag, and although this is available to me online, it will be less expensive in Paris so my plans are to stock up while I'm there.)

Savon Marseille 
(I'm assuming these are mostly found at the market or smaller shops. Either way I would love to find a few different kinds as I am long time fan of Marseille soaps. Plus they would make pretty gifts.)

(Has a great taste and leaves teeth sparkling clean and white. Another one to stock up on!)

(I cannot live without the makeup remover, so I must try the wipes!)

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