iPhone diary

I often rummage through all my photos on my iPhone to look back on all the pictures I took, some great shots and some that are better off sent to the "trash". More often than none I find a dozen pictures I took but only to forget about later. I am definitely a wannabe photographer, with my camera but especially with my iPhone. My sisters in law call me the paparazzi, but are always thankful that at the end of the night I have all the great shots. I love that I can bring my phone with me anywhere and everywhere and never miss a moment or a memory. I must admit at times I can be a little bit overwhelming, but I really do feel it's such an advantage with today's technology and this generation to be able to snap a picture at the top of a mountain to the bottom of the ocean within seconds (and seeing the picture within seconds afterwards for that matter).

I came across this picture (above), taken last summer. I specifically remember us sitting on the grass in front of the lake, having cocktails and just enjoying the simplicity of that warm summer day. I even remember what I was wearing (how silly), but again this is the joy of being able to snap those "little" moments in life only to look back on them, even when it's just that…a little moment.

So for that I thank my little gadget called the iPhone because without it I could not capture a pretty cupcake I ate, the giant cactus in Arizona, a new hair do, new beauty products, the top of a snowy mountain, a pair of shoes I wear on Monday, a new baby in the family, the (soon to come) Eiffel tower in Paris and that mason jar sitting on the Navajo blanket in the grass on a warm summer day.

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