| The aftermath of squeezing some of my grapefruits and oranges. Makes quite the pretty sight.|

The warmer weather has finally arrived and it feels great. It puts me in the best mood. All my winter pieces are tucked away and my open toe footwear and cropped trousers are out. I always see a big change  in my diet around this time of year as well. Consuming more fresh fruits and vegetables and once again way too much couscous.

My in laws sent us a big box of oranges and grapefruits from Florida so I decided it was the perfect opportunity to snag my mother's juicer and make freshly squeezed juice. As I squeezed every orange and grapefruit I was reminded of my childhood. I remember my mother letting us do this as children when we would have a special breakfast/brunch or just extra fruit on hand. It was always the best tasting, just sweet enough. I always get so excited when restaurants offer this. I never pass up the opportunity.

I'm still in the decluttering mood, especially in my wardrobe. Getting rid of many unused items and if feels so liberating.

Happy Monday and Happy Cinco de Mayo!

| I was able to fill two of these jugs with all the oranges and grapefruit I had. Having fresh juice every morning was definitely a treat.|

| Found the perfect gingham two piece. The bottoms are even high waisted! From here|

| I was surprised to see these on the shelf at the grocery store, so naturally I snagged them for the upcoming fruity cocktail season.|

| I think I just discovered a new favourite Easter treat by Laura Secord. |

 | Found these summer coaster that resemble vintage tiles. Purchased here. |

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