easy summer look

Yesterday was one of our first warm days and it felt incredible. Our lake is finally free of any ice, a few plants are peeking through the gardens and the bistro set is out. It finally feels like summer is just around the corner. While I soaked in some rays (with a layer of sunscreen on of course!) I could not help but think of how easy summer dressing is. There is something so stress-free about bare legs, bare arms, slipping on sandals and out the door, which put me in the mood to share an easy summer outfit inspiration. I started with these great shorts as the focus and just added a few neutral pieces that make this outfit perfect for an outdoor party, beach side or just grabbing an iced coffee on a warm summer day.

Now all there is left to do is wait for more sun and hopefully get a little colour on these legs.

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  1. Those shorts! I am in love! Love your blog!