scents to try

scents to try

Along with beauty lotions, oils and creams I also love perfumes. It makes me just as happy as fresh flowers. It's a small thing that brings me joy and always reminds me of a certain person, place or specific memory. I've been experimenting with a lot of different scents lately, with the help of all the perfume samples I've accumulated from Sephora, and what I found was that I tend to gravitate towards different ones during different seasons, periods in my life and moods. For example when the season changes from winter to spring I enjoy more of a floral scent, sometimes mixed with citrus under notes, or depending if I have a meeting or coffee date I try to wear something more subtle and clean. I also like to think that my perfume taste has evolved with age. I remember my teenage self practically bathing in strong smells that I am sure left a (not so lovely) trail behind me for days. Now I try to apply the rule that less is more. 

With all the perfumes out there, picking one can be quite the daunting task so take your time and choose wisely. Bring a sample home and smell it again a couple days later. With all the samples I've tried I have just a few that I would purchase in a full size, but have yet to try these six. I'm hoping to collect samples soon and heard that others have really enjoyed each one. I am looking forward to smelling for myself. 

I'm curious as to what scent(s) you are wearing and loving these days. Also have you tried any of the above? I especially am curious about the "Gypsy Water", I mean, just the names itself is amazing. 

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