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I'm happy to update that our fur baby, Tex, is going to be ok. After a week of worrying and lack of sleep he's back on his feet. He's not a hundred and ten percent but he's wagging his tail and in good spirits. Poor little guy, we definitely were worried parents. (hence why I was absence on the blog last week).

So back into a routine this week, and working on a few projects. I am happy for an extra long week end ahead which will include eating a lot of mini eggs. I am also looking forward to spending time with my parents in law as they have been away for some time now.

The snow is finally beginning to to melt away, with extra help from all this rain.

On another a note, one of my Pilate's instructors sent me this video and I had to share with you as it's so incredible. Check it out here. Enjoy! Bon Lundi. 

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