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Besides cleaning, moisturizing, exfoliating and hydrating my face I also have a long time love for facial masks. I try to do a mask two to three times a week. Amongst every else I feel this is just as important to incorporate into your skin care regime. From cream to clay to peel offs, masks come in all varieties to suite all skin types. Once I find a few I really enjoy I simply rotate them through out the week. Even if I don't have time to soak in a bubble bath while wearing one, I'll put one on while doing things around the house. In fact I'm wearing one as I am typing this.

I also always bring one along travelling so that I can keep my face fresh and hydrated (great after jet lag).

Here are the one's I've been using lately.

Embryolisse masque soin intense hydratant

This one is a creamy product. It's basically a more concentrated version of the Embryolisse lait-crème concentré. It's so luxurious and leaves my skin hydrated and super soft. I even purposely don't rinse off all the product so that my skin gets that extra moisture. I like to use this one right before bed and wake up with baby soft skin. This specific one is new in my beauty regime and already in love, I will definitely be stocking up!

Fresh rose face mask

This one is a sample from Sephora but I would definitely purchase the full size version. I love anything with rose in it and this one is packed and infused with rosewater, it even has bits of rose petals mixed in. It's a gel formula with a cooling agent and my face always feels extra clean and refreshed after doing this mask. This is a great one if your skin is feeling a little fatigued or if you have sensitive skin as rosewater is very soothing.

Nuxe masque purifiant doux

This mask is also a creamy consistency but dries up almost like a clay. I feel extra moisturized after this one, so it's great when your skin is feeling extra dry. Like the Fresh one above it also has rose petals infused so again great for sensitive skin. There's also a lot of product in this jar so it will go a long way. This is also a new one for me and so far loving it.

The body shop warming clay mask

A clay mask is a must. It is a such a great feeling when the product hardens up and your face just feels like it had a bit of a face lift. It's also super purifying and has a warming agent that I love (especially during the winter). These types of masks are the ones I love doing while soaking in a bubble bath. My face always feels extra firm and extra clean after this one. Also check out this one by the body shop with Tea tree oil.

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