home décor | spring

home décor | spring

Spring has sprung which means summer is (hopefully) just around the corner. This time a year I love opening the windows and smelling the fresh spring air which results in me wanting to change things up around the home. I like to make small changes that make our home feel more season appropriate all while keeping it inviting and comfortable. The most difficult challenge can be to keep things budget friendly as well as not completely do a home renovation, as tempting as this can be. Switching up just a few items in your home can make a huge impact and put you in that summer loving mood. Here are a few simple steps.

Texture | Adding textures like wicker and straw scream warmer weather. I especially look for these materials in baskets by adding one at the end of the couch, on the corner of our fireplace or in a corner of a room. They can be left empty or fill with magazines or extra throw blankets.

Scents | Like the holidays, where everything smells like ginger breads and cranberries, adding the right scent during a specific season always creates the best atmosphere. Think of scents like floral, fresh linen, mint, fruit and tropical. This can easily be done by adding a diffuser, candle or room spray to the coffee table.

Decorative pillows | Adding lighter coloured pillows with fun designs makes such a big difference. Black, navy or red and white strip patterns always remind me of summer. I even like the idea of keeping the "furry" ones in the mix but in neutral colours. Don't be afraid of mixing patterns either, just about anything goes.

Fresh flowers and plants | This is probably the easiest and most cost effective way to freshness up your home. I purchase fresh flowers almost every Friday and it puts me in the best mood. I can't live without a bouquet of flowers on my dinner and coffee table now. It just feels naked. I purchase mine at the supermarket and will be as little as four dollars for the bouquet. I especially love the white tulips, the mini orchards and succulents. You can also purchase inexpensive glass vases at most superstores or even your local dollar store. It brightens up a room and adds a little life. I typically add a few more bouquets around the home (guest bathroom) when we have a few friends over.

Napkins | Put away the Christmas napkins you still have out and switch them up for a fun pattern or bright colours. I love all the variety of napkins now, and you can pick some up for a very low cost. There are some for every season and any occasion.

Drinking glasses | I keep all the same drinking glasses year round but have a few extras for different seasons or occasions. For example, this time a year I will pull out glasses I purchased at Ikea that have flamingos on them as well as wine glasses that are in a fun blue colour. For the Christmas holidays I do this with mugs. It's nice to have a small set that you can store away and just pull out when the time is right, especially when serving fun cocktails.

Water carafe | I never knew how important a water carafe, jug or pitcher would be. It just makes so much sense when having dinner. There's also variety of them now with lids,  perfect when dinning outdoors. The corkscrew top adds a little texture and compliments the modern glass design.

Wood bowls | Like the water carafe, these types of wood bowls add just that little extra to a dinner table and give off a natural and simple feel. I found a set wood bowls at a yard sale for next to nothing and I use them often. Again the wood is nice compliment to more modern pieces you may have.

Art | No need to go and changing all the art or pictures in your home to make it feel more tropical but adding one piece, say in the bathroom or on a book shelf can add just the right amount of colour and feel to a room. The nice part about prints like these is that you can find some at just about any home store and typically not very expensive. And depending on the print or art you can really leave it up year round. If you're feeling extra creative, just make your own!

Coasters | Another easy way to make a big impact is with these little handy items. I find myself having a little bit of a collection now. I just found the cutest ones at Winners that resemble a vintage tile, and the set was five dollars. Such a great deal. I leave them on the bar cart and bring them out when guests are over. There are also great DIY ones on Pinterest. See them here.

Decorative (or serving) tray | I also have a small collection of trays. After many years I have yet to find the perfect one for our coffee table. At the moment I am really attracted to the look of the marble ones in a lighter colour, like the one above. This, again this can be switched up from time to time (be it on your coffee or dinning room table) and changes the entire look. There are so many styles now, glass, wood, wicker, the list goes one. Just ensure to measure before you purchase. So often I've done this mistake and coming home with a new tray but my piles of books and magazines would not fit.

I would love to know other home style updates you make throughout the year. Shop all the items below. Happy decorating!

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