fancy shark tooth | lissa bowie

 | Pendants and gold hammered bangle ℅ Lissa Bowie |

Among everything else, one of the greatest things about blogging is the opportunity to meet and collaborate with other bloggers and amazing designers. Since creating my blog over two years ago, I've connected with so many talented individuals that I would have otherwise probably never met. 

Lissa Bowie is no exception. I actually didn't discover her on my own; my sister introduced me to her beautiful jewellery line years ago, gifting me with pieces for my birthday and Christmas. I soon realized why my sister spoke so highly of her. Bowie, who currently resides in Mexico, creates beautiful and unique pieces, or as my sister calls it "organic bling". She has a natural flare for coming up with one of a kind designs, while still maintaining a timeless and classic aesthetic. 

The gold shark tooth pendant I am wearing is a perfect example; the length makes it an easy accessory to wear over just about anything and its clean lines make it perfect for work, week-ends or even a special night out. The pearl at the centre adds a little extra "chic" and I love how it can be worn either side for two different looks. 

I love, LOVE this lady and her beautiful jewellery and I'm so happy my sis got me hooked. My mom is also a huge fan and I thought the quartz pendant would be perfect for her, and just in time for Mother's day!

You can shop some of her pieces here and at Magpie Jewellery in Ottawa. You can also follow her updates here and be sure to follow her on Instagram for drool worthy shots of her pieces.


  1. LOVE!!!!!!! You are so amazing! Merci

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