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Aquasource deep serum (day), Aquasource night, Aquasource deep hydration (all products ℅ Biotherm)

Recently I've been experimenting with many new brands, mostly European ones. Perhaps it's all the french beauty books I've been reading or that my taste in skin care products have matured. Long gone are the days where I just pick up whichever lotion is on sale over the counter without even reading the labels (I don't miss you high school and college skin).

It's become less of a challenge when shopping for skin care products and I don't feel as overwhelmed. It's a good feeling knowing which products work best for my skin's needs, one of them being Biotherm. I first tried this french label when I tested one of their face cleansers (this one) and I fell in love and just recently tried this little trio and now even more impressed. First off I used to avoid gels, never was a fan but Biotherm does it differently. After I wash my face, my skin just drinks this up and leaves it super moisturized and hydrated. I use the nuit jelly (feels like a serum) every night before bed and then use a moisturizer over it. I apply the extra hydrating gel on days when my skin is feeling dry and tired and the day time serum every morning, which makes a smooth canvas for make up. What I especially love about these three products is how light weight they feel. Now with the warmer weather approaching I don't like to use heavy products on my skin and this literally feels like nothing on. The Aquasource line bounds your skin with water which results in it being extra hydrated, plump and soft. My skin loves it!

Biotherm is definitely keeping a spot on my vanity and is a must try if you have not yet. I also have to add that they all smell wonderful. Fresh and clean!

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