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Bonjour, today I want to talk, and Pilates more specifically. Growing up I was always in dance class (competing my last year - which was an amazing experience) so I'm lucky I was able to develop my flexibility, posture and good shape since a young age. Keeping it into my adult years has been a little bit more difficult. Since there are presently no adult ballet classes available in our area I found myself lost in the fitness world. My husband who runs every day was the one who inspired me to do something for myself, since I found myself not doing much of any physical activity. During the warmer months I enjoy riding my bike alongside my husband while he runs or swimming in our lake and going for walks with the dog but come winter my motivation was non existent. I attempted to go to the gym just to be miserable after every workout and and felt I was hurting my body instead of empowering it. I attempted a variety of work out videos at home but felt like I was doing something completely different than what was demonstrated, and then I decided I would throw myself back into yoga.

I practised yoga years ago but didn't continue (for no particular reason), but always remember enjoying this type of work out. I showed up at our yoga and Pilate's studio and signed up for two classes, and next thing I know I am showing up three times a week (sometimes four) depending on my work schedule  (since I go on my lunch break). I completely fell in love. I also began Pilate's reformer. Something I knew nothing about, but now cannot stop talking about. I'm not going to go into the details of what it consist of (you can see a great demonstration here) but what I do want to share is how amazing it is. This type of workout has given me proper stretching, flexibility, muscle gain and I can already see my body toning in different areas. I have been attending for five months now and plan on continuing for, well ever I hope. The bonus of yoga, Pilate's or Pilate's reformer is not only will you enhance your flexibility, your core, strength and work every single part of your body, it will give you a sense of happiness and confidence with your body. It also makes you feel taller. You can also do it at any age, while your pregnant, after birth with your baby and anywhere. I've done a complete yoga sequence while I was stuck in a hotel room during a business trip. I've seen woman do it ocean side on the beach (check out yoga_girl on instagram who shows of her skills on a surf board!).

I am a not a fitness buff nor am I looking to have a six pack and bigger muscles than my husband. I am looking to be in the best shape that my own body will allow me to be in, all while keeping my flexibility and strength (which are important as you age). Not to mention what it does for your overall health (your heart, spirit and stress levels - who wants to be stressed anyway?)

While it's Sunday (typically a lazy day) try to fit in a 10, 15 or 20 minute yoga, Pilate's or ballet sequence. If you have a reformer studio near you, I highly recommend it, trust me you won't be disappointed, you won't even be soar, all you will feel is a whole lot of goodness. 

Here a some of my favourite yoga, Pilate's and ballet workouts to follow when I can't make it to the studio. Most of them are short and never any equipment required, only your own body strength. Happy Sunday and happy stretching! 

ps big shout out to my Pilates instructors who make coming to class so enjoyable! Thanks ladies!

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