leopard leggings

Portoloano Cashmere tuque | Urban Outfitter Sunnies | Bod & Christensen down filled jacket (local boutique) | Leather gloves from (local boutique) "J'adore Dior 8" tee | Leopard leggings, H&M | Michael Kors leather boots | Michael Kors watch | Our dog Tex

I have a love-hate relationship with leggings. Sometimes I go off on rants stating they are not real pants and other times I just cave and wear them all the time (especially during the winter months). There was actually a period some time ago that my husband had to do a legging intervention. That's when I swore I would only wear them to lounge in. Today, I have a slightly different approach. I bought these leggings a couple of years back and would always just wear them around the house. I decided (majorly because of the leopard print) that I should wear them out more often. I paired them not too long ago with a long white blouse for the office and have been wearing them more casually when running errands. Especially since, when running around, I don't typically remove my coat so it's a nice way to show them off. The flat riding boots help with the casual chic vibe as well as the cashmere tuque. So for now, I feel I have more of healthy and balanced relationship with wearing leggings.

Oh the t-shirt, yes you guessed it, I purchased it (along with fifty thousand others I'm sure) after watching Sex and City 2 (although Carrie was way more fabulous pairing with a full length skirt) but it's been a great and fun tee in my casual staples. Plus it's true... I do adore Dior. Happy Monday!

Photography by this lovely lady. 

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