j'adore | march

Here is what I am loving this month...

one | Another awesome (and free) desktop from Fabulous K. Love the little zebra.

two | This piece of furniture is the prettiest combination of wood and marble I have ever seen. I love the simplicity to it and that the sink and counter top are all one material.

three | Since I use my Bioderma micellaire solution religiously I am really looking forward to trying out the wipes. Perfect for traveling.

four | I am in love with this ad. Since I have been practicing the art of yoga, Pilate's and reformer I have a better appreciation for this type of work out. This add is just lovely..and the shop, even lovelier.

five | I came across this blog and am so impressed with all the nail art she does. Amazing! Teach me!

six | I really, really want this decorative box for my coffee table.

seven | Has anyone else been listening to Beyonce & Jay-Z's new song, "Drunk in Love"? (on repeat). I can't get enough of it...actually her entire new album is genius to be honest.

eight | My next recipe to try is this Greek yogurt frosting over banana bread. Sounds heavenly.

nine | When we booked our ski trip I desperately wanted to go out and purchase a one piece (reminds me of my childhood) but decided to skip it for this year. How chic is this all white one?

ten | A great blog with very helpful tips for blogging taxes.

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