fur on sunday

Teaming up with other creative individuals is one of my favourite part about being a blogger. Two heads are better than one as the saying goes, and always better with my lovely friend Justina. Not only is she an incredible and talented photographer she is such a good friend and it just feels so natural and comfortable to do shoots with her. This past Sunday Justina shot yet another one of my outfits for my blog and afterwards she had the idea to do a few outdoor winter shoots. We have a few trails in our back yard so I slipped on a black maxi, a vintage fur bolero and fur headband (from my mother's drawer) and she came up with this.

It actually made me think of how much I love the idea of a maxi dress in the winter paired with my fur jacket I wore to my wedding. Thanks again Justina!

Also take the time to check out her new and redesigned blog with all her amazing photography, she just finished capturing a real life birth (so amazing and emotional). 

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