rouge lip

A red lip is timeless and classic. I've become a big fan of this look, but only because I now know how to apply it. It takes some practise, but with the proper steps, tools and products it's fail proof. I recently tried the Aqua rouge lipstick by MAKE UP FOR EVER (along with the lipliner) and I have to say I am so impressed. This product is not only high quality and easy to apply it's smudge and water proof. It really does not transfer at all. I pressed a tissue to my lips as well as the back of my hand and no colour had transferred. I especially love this colour as it has that deep berry shade, perfect for this time of year.

Here are my steps for achieve the perfect rouge pout.

 Step one / exfoliate lips with a sugar scrub or wet face towel. I used this one by lush

Step two/ apply a light balm to lips to keep them moisturized. I like this one by The honest company.

Step three/ Use you fingers or a beauty blender and apply a thin layer or concealer to lips. This may feel a little funny (not to mention the look) but it will ensure that you are getting the exact lip colour you are using. I used this one by MAKE UP FOR EVER.

Step four/ Use a lip liner in the exact or a shade darker than your lipstick. Start on the bottom lip and work out to corners. For the top lip begin at your lips cupid bow and work your way out. Ensure that your lip liner is nicely sharpened. I used this AQUA lip liner from MAKE UP FOR EVER in 9c.

Step five / Soften the lip liner with a Q-tip, which will create a bit of an ombre affect. 

Step six/ Apply the lip colour, either right from the tube or with a lipstick brush (I prefer a lip brush as it gives me more control). Like your lip liner, begin in the center of your bottom lip and work your way out. Repeat with your top lip. I'm using this one by MAKE UP FOR EVER, Aqua rouge in 9 Burgundy.

Step seven/ Touch up any mistakes with a Q-tip.

Step eight/ Leave it matte or apply a clear gloss coat for a shinier effect. This one by MAKE UP FOR EVER has the gloss attached which is super handy and basically sets the colour. 

Pair with black liner, one coat of mascara, a little pink blush and voilà you have the perfect Valentine's day look (or every day look).

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  1. Great post!! I can agree with you on gradually becoming a fan of red. It really does help to have a precise application. I rocked a red lip for Valentine's day. See my post at

    Jas Cheri♥

  2. Thanks for the link Jas, I will check it out. Yes with the proper tools and steps...and a lot of practise it's fail proof. A red lip is always in style! Thanks!

    Alyssa xx