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I've been meaning to post about this for some time now, and since Valentine's day is just around the corner I feel this is the perfect timing.

I am a big fan of the "triangle" bralettes, and for many reasons. To begin, they are beyond comfortable, no wires, no padding ladies. Now I realize that many like the excessive padding (some even have water in them) but not this girl, I prefer a more gentle approach. Plus this is a nice break when you don't feel like wearing the extra push-up/padding version. Now even though they don't have the under-wire surprisingly they still provide that extra little lift (but not too high, we don't want the "girls" up under our chin!).
There's also something very appealing about the look. They always have the prettiest details that cannot be ignored and you feel extra feminine when wearing them, even if no one else sees it. They will surely give you that extra boost of confidence because you know what you are wearing underneath.

I especially love wearing them in the summer and letting them play peek-a-boo underneath a white blouse or low cut v-neck tank or tee.

I've acquired quite the collection of this and I encourage you to try them out. You don't be disappointed.

Something I love to do even more? Wearing the matching panties...go ahead try it, life is too short.

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