nursery and maman to be

Last year I introduced Sarah (here) on the blog. I wanted to showcase her amazing talent as an interior decorator and give a glimpse into her chic, cozy and one of kind space. Earlier this month I had the opportunity to spend time with her on a more intimate level. She was having pregnancy photos taken by our lovely friend Justina (she's been around the blog a few times) and I did her make up prior. Although I barely had to use any product because she has that beautiful pregnancy glow. Today I am sharing one (awesome and chic) room in particular that Sarah and her husband created...the nursery.

It was so nice spending time with Sarah one on one as well as spend time in her home (and by this what I really mean is walking around looking at every detail and being a total creep). She even let me snoop in her closet to help her pick out outfits for the shoot. She gives off such a comfortable, cool and calm vibe, which I love. 

While Justina took pictures in her bedroom I sat in her nursery in complete awe. It's simply pretty. I love that it's not your typical over load of baby items, overly pink or blue and plastered with cartoon characters. It's basically a super soft, modern and relaxing area that happens to have a crib, a few diapers (stylish ones from The Honest company too) and children's books in it. It's just too good not too share. It's also been featured on the Apartment Therapy's blog, which you can see here and read on what inspired Sarah and her husband to come up with their future baby girl's new sanctuary. 

Can't wait to meet her! Thanks ladies!

Photography by lovely friend Justina | check out all her work here

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