le "it" ballet flat

       Ballerines Porselli, APC (France), Porselli (Milan) | Ballerine Cendrillon, Repetto (France)

There's many "it" items, the it bag, dress, V-neck tee...and of course the it flat. Especially the ballet flat, it's a must! Over the years I've purchased many black flats, but the quality has been less than great but at a sale price of $14.99 I simply could not resist. At the end of the season I always ended up having to throw them out. I then had a reality check...

I had this reality one day when I was working at a boutique and lady in her mid 50's said to me; "you younger girls try to buy as much as you can with $100, but it's not quantity it's the quality! You will learn this with age". I then had this exact conversation with my very wise and stylish neighbour from Germany. She explained to me that it's unnecessary to have a closet full of items and buy everything on sale. It's more important to spend the money on just a few classic pieces, they will last longer and take you further in your wardrobe. Again something we are supposed to learn with age.

When I think about this advice I see exactly what these women mean, I look in my own closet and I don't wear half of the pieces I own, probably because they are trendy or purchased on a whim and of course on sale. Wore them a couple of times and now sick of them.
Since then I promised I would try to become that wise woman much sooner. It's more difficult than it sounds, trust me.

Going back to the ballet flats, this will be one those purchases. Something classic and timeless. I decided this would be a great purchase while visiting in Paris. Both flats above are an excellent choice and can be worn now in my late twenties as well as in my late fifties. They can also be paired with just about anything, not to mention preferred by the very stylish Parisian women. How could I go wrong?

What "it" item is on your wish list or that you swear by?

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