/ Finally found matching cosmetic bags. Loving the artistic look to them and bonus...on sale! /

Oh the joys of living in Northern Ontario. Looks like more cold weather a head. Trying to keep in good spirits by adding a few colours to my every day outfits and working on a few projects. The key is to keep busy and not get caught into the famous winter rut. Taking a trip is also important this time of year as far as I'm concerned. And although our voyage (besides our ski trip) is not until late May, trust me I am counting down the days. Happy Monday!

/ I can't get enough of the detailing on this Zara dress /

/This cactus (that keeps growing by the way) has moved around the house so many times. I think I finally found the perfect spot for it, as a book end! /
/ Brushing up on my (modern) manners. /
/ I became impatient waiting for spring to wear this (also from Zara) dress so I paired it with tights for work on Saturday. It instantly has become one of my favourite pieces in my wardrobe. /

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