a little ombré

/ Hair done at this awesome place by Kaitlynn /

I needed a little change in my appearance, and the easiest way to do this is with my hair. I love the blunt and slightly angled cut my hairstylist gave me before the Christmas holidays (not to mention the ten inches she chopped off my long locks). It felt good to have a change and clean things up so to speak. Naturally for me I enjoy this for about a month, only to want to grow it out again. Even though my hair grows quickly I still feel the need to change things up during the grow out process, making it feel less daunting. I've always loved the ombré look, subtle to extreme I feel it's a great look on pretty much every one. I gave my tips a few highlights last year so decided to brighten things up again, this time with the full ombré effect. I love that she made the two colours blend together with just enough contrast. I'm thinking as spring approaches I will add a few more lighter pieces in the mix. Since I am so happy with the look I thought I would share, which is also the first time my husband plays photographer (not bad for his first time) Merci babe!

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