two thousand and fourteen

With every new year that commences so do new resolutions. I always found that making big resolutions always led to disappointment as they were unrealistic. Instead I began making changes or a checklist before the new year so that when I did actually ring in the new year I simply had to "continue" with my new changes and accomplishments. In two thousand thirteen I wanted to start being more active, doing at least two exercise classes a week. Instead of waiting for the new year for it to become one of my "resolutions" I began this specific goal in the fall and now taking three classes a week (reformer and Pilates class - Love!) which is now simply part of my routine. Adding these small changes simply made it more realistic for me and my lifestyle.

Here's what I will add and continue into two thousand and fourteen.

Write a "to do" list every day
Watch more French television
Drink more water
Update business cards
Continue with reformer and Pilates classes
Take vitamin D
Paint something black in our home (most likely a door)
Keep it simple
Wear less makeup
Be more finance savvy
Revamp my blog and take a photo shop class
Checklist of places to see in Paris and Germany (oh and shopping list)
What are yours?

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  1. Love this post - great list! I could definitely borrow some from your list!