insta journal | 2013

Today marks a new year and I can't help but sit back and look through all the memories that have occurred in the last twelve months. I am so thankful for so much (see my reflections of 2013 here) but today would like to take this opportunity to give this thanks to all of you, the ones who support me and make le Closet possible. Every individual and all the brands I've had (and continue) to have the opportunity and pleasure to work with has made this journey very rewarding. I am so appreciative. 

Soon approaching my two year blog anniversary I am truly excited for what's to come to this little space. 

A great big MERCI and all the best in 2014!

Alyssa xx

Here's a look back, via instagram, at all the little (chic) things that made me (and hopefully you as well) smile in 2013. Enjoy.

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