(erin's) vanity

Erin, 28,  is a career woman, wife to Ken, and besides being a total home décor addict (and not shy to admit it) she's also a beauty product junkie like the rest of us. This lovely lady's vanity includes all time favourites from M.A.C, Chanel, as well as a really good hair care collection, most of which are from Aveda. She says "I used to get my hair cut there when I lived in the city" (Jealous). Erin, who is also a friend, is no stranger to big brand names but also has a few secrets up her sleeve. One of them being Dickinson's 100% witch hazel which she uses as a toner, and can be purchased at most drug/super stores.

Some of Erin's every day products include; M.A.C studio sculpt foundation, M.A.C eye shadow, M.A.C powder blush, M.A.C volcanic ash exfoliator, M.A.C bronzing powderPer'fekt face perfecting gel (she uses this so much she wore the label off), Smashbox oil free primer, Aveda Phomollient styling foamClinic brow shaper, L'oreal voluminous mascara and Dior Diorshow mascara.

Besides being distracted by all of Erin's fabulous home décor and cutest displays every corner I looked, she really made me re-evaluate my hair care routine (or lack thereof) and products I use.

New products I want to try; Dickinson's witch hazel, M.A.C volcanic ash exfoliator, Aveda air control spray (which by the way you can double up to set your makeup!)

Thanks Erin!
ps this is who's make up bags I snooped through. See that post here


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