one year later...

This time last year my husband and I we're exchanging vows and celebrating our wedding day into the  new year. Here we are one year later and I have to say (as cliché as it may sound) time truly flies. Although we have been together for almost eight years, celebrating one year as husband and wife is something so special. 

We, well I, slipped back into my wedding attire (any excuse to put my wedding dress back on) and snapped a few shots to celebrate our one year of marriage. We were also supposed to share a piece of our wedding cake that we had saved and froze, but it was not so good anymore. All the more excuse to throw gold glitter on it. Tonight we are relaxing and having a date night in, celebrating with good food, champagne, a (new) cake and good company. 

Above everything else one year later has taught me how important and precious time together really is. Making memories together is what counts and what we will remember later on. 

Now let me get a little fromage (as Dave says when I get corny). I married this man once last year, but I would do it again every year. I fall in love with him over again every day. Not sure how I got this lucky, but glad I did. He's a keeper for life. 

/ Photography by the lovely Justina Phippen /

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