foundation of a face

Foundation can be a constant battle, from formula to the perfect shade. I've gone through countless bottles of foundation...I've lost count. I've narrowed it down to about five that are on the top of my list, and the Yves Saint Laurent le teint touche éclat illuminating foundation is one of them. I fell in love with their touche éclat radiance touch pen a year go and soon after decided to give the foundation a try, and since using it I always seem to go back. The formula is so light weight and it feels like nothing on. It has great buildable coverage without having that "cake" like look on your skin. My favourite part is the infused radiance that gives you that natural glow. I often mix in illuminizer with my foundations but it's not needed here.
The concealer is equally amazing and stays put all day, I never reapply unless going out that night. These two make the perfect duo for a base. Bonus, you can use the concealer pen to highlight other areas such as your chin, down the bridge of the nose and in between eye brows and forehead.

Here are few tips to remember...

When applying foundation 
  • Use half a pump of foundation and warm between fingers. Apply only to necessary areas that need coverage and blend in with a foundation brush or beauty blender. Use another half pump if you feel more coverage is needed.
  • DO NOT apply foundation all over your face (it's really not necessary)
  • Mix foundation with illuminizer in the winter and sunscreen in the summer.
  • ALWAYS mosturize before applying foundation (no excuses)
  • When applying foundation avoid the eye area as you will be using concealer there anyway, no need for a build up of product.
  • When trying to find your foundation shade apply a small amount to the side of your jaw bone or cheek and do not blend (anything will be the right shade if you blend it enough) you will know right away if it's the right shade. Do not test the product on your hand (are you wearing foundation on your hand or on your face?)
  • Avoid high sunscreen foundations in front of the camera (this will avoid the white face look when a flash goes off)
  • When in doubt, go a tad shade lighter, not darker. You can always add liquid or powder bronzer.

When applying concealer
  • Start with a small amount and add as more coverage is needed
  • Apply concealer with a concealer brush or the tip of a beauty blender.
  • Be gentle, your under eye area are extremely sensitive.
  • Use different shades if needed depending if you have darker under circles. Use a lighter shade under the eye and straight up to the hair line (making a check mark shape ) Add a yellow shade in the corner and right underneath the eye (yellow is the best shade to conceal darker areas) Avoid pinky shades.
And always remember that make up (especially foundation) is made to accentuate your already beautiful face, not mask it. No cake face ladies, it's not pretty and others want to see your natural beauty.

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