Guys I'm so excited about this. Alex Chung, who is no doubt, supère awesome has recently released her book called "IT" (which is a great read by the way. Book review post to come) has now released her collaboration with "eyeko" for something she is not only known for but also has learnt to master. The cat eye liner. Alex has been rocking the famous cat eye for quite some time now and said it actually took her approximately five years to master. I can attest to this, it really does take time to get just right. Practise makes perfect but I can confidentially say I am easily able to swipe both eyes quickly with barely any mistakes. Like Alexa I am a big fan of the "cat eye" look. It's classic, flattering and can be paired with just about anything. Since I never wear liner on my entire bottom lash line (ladies it can really make your eyes look smaller) this look is perfect for me. I've also done it during many makeup applications and have yet to find someone it does not look good on.

The "eyeko"eye set includes a liquid conditioning liner, lenghtning mascara as well as the limited edition tube packaging designed by Miss. Chung with a poster and printed tissue paper.

This just made it into my Sephora cart and can't wait to give you feedback. Also how great is the look of the packaging?

Get your hands on this great duo (and may I add at a very good price), sit in front of a mirror and start practising!

/ Photo source via Pinterest and The Medley Fashion/

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